CallHealth nursing rapid growth


With traffic doubling on the home healthcare segment, Hyderabad-based CallHealth plans to cover 50 Indian cities by 2019 and make a foray into some other countries. CallHealth positions itself as supermarket in the health care at home sector and is already dealing with about 2000 calls per day from the 11 cities it currently covers.

Offering services ranging from doctor consults, diagnostic tests, medicine delivery, at-home nursing and physiotherapy, according to CEO, Hari T, CallHealth has a witnessed a doubling of orders in less than six months. All these services can be booked through a phone call, its website or by downloading a mobile app.

Hari believes that the firm can dip its toes in foreign waters because “the point is that whatever we are building as a platform and a service, it can be replicable in any place that has a fragmented health care ecosystem.” And in this, he says, “we are obviously looking at, and committed to taking it beyond India”.